Dating antique coke bottles

  1. Dating Coca Cola bottles | Brush off the dust! History now!
  2. Need Help Identifying/Dating these Coke Bottles
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  4. Who Knew My Coca-Cola Addiction Could Be So Useful: Using Coke Bottles to Date Archaeological Sites
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The list below is certainly not complete, and I hope to eventually add more information as time allows. IPG inside triangle-on heel of amber Clorox bottle. Click here to go to the main Glass Bottle Marks page. Please click here to go to my Home Page. Here is a website with lots of info on collecting Coke bottles: Hello my name is Leah Michelle and I recently discover an old greenish colored glass coke bottle which says Parkersburg, W.

Va on the bottom. Anyone with any thoughts please respond!!!! Coke Bottles… what do I have? Hello David, you have a very informative website. I am a wwii reenactor and would love to use some authentic coke bottles for my display. What is the best way to clean out those years of grime and dirt from the inside.

Also where can I get new made old style caps that I can recap them with. Also with pat D bottles is it usually a good guess that the 2 numbets to the right of makers stamp would be manufacture dates.. I have a 90 C 41… ? And a 6 owens symbol 51… ? Thank you for your time and any info you can give me.

Hi Edward, In my opinion there are several ways to go about cleaning old bottles. The methods can be used in unison complementing each other.

Vintage Coke Bottle Finds - Some Tips On What To Look For

First of all, after rinsing out the dirt from the inside, I recommend using a mixture of water and oxalic acid in a plastic 5-gallon bucket. In any case, mix a couple cans of Bar keepers Friend with lukewarm or room temp water in a 5-gallon bucket. Or pour an entire container of Deck Cleaner and mix carefully with water in the bucket. Soak the bottles for at least 24 hours in the bucket, completely immersed, using plastic or rubber gloves when handling.

Dating Coca Cola bottles | Brush off the dust! History now!

After removing, fill the bottle partially with small size aquarium gravel and water and shake gently. This should help remove some of the encrusted stains and soil from inside the bottle.

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You can also clean the outside of the bottle with all-purpose cleaner and water, rubbing well with a damp cloth or very fine steel wool steel wool does not scratch glass. About the date codes on your bottles……. Not all glass companies always followed that configuration but in many cases they did. You might check out this. I have a very old bottle that I have never been able to find any information on.

It has a very bubbled greenish glass, straight sides, and the Coca-Cola emblem down at the bottom. The only identifying marks are the city which is Atlanta GA, the number on the bottom and it says this bottle not sold. Has anyone come across anything like this before? If so I would love more information! I have a Coca-Cola bottle hobble skirt style. So according to the information from this website, the embossed code on the bottle reads 3 C 44, meaning it was made at the Chattanooga Glass Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee in The first number was a little confusing to me but I think I understand.

MCFG, yes, you are correct.

Need Help Identifying/Dating these Coke Bottles

On many bottles, please keep in mind there can be variations in the way embossed code numbers are arranged, depending on the glass company, the time period, style of bottle, etc. It is a very confusing subject, to be sure! He found it downtown Charleston SC in the harbor area. It is marked as Charleston as well. I have 3 coke bottles that have Greenville, sc on the bottom. It also has 63L51 on the side. Do you have any info about these bottles. The bottle that has the L on it was also presumably made by Laurens.

Hello out there, I found an old heavy coke bottle with Raleigh N. C on the bottom and a slight green tint to it. We were hoping to find some information about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Karin, The only info I can pass along is this: I have a vernor springs water company strait sided bottle is this related to coke in any way and can you tell me what year it may be. It does have a 7 in a circle, says not to be refilled, has a trademark, says no refill and no deposit, AND has a verticle line with three horizontal lines.

    I would love to find out where this was made. Hi, I have found a few wartime vintage coca cola bottles here in Newfoundland, not far from an American Base set up in It has on the base E-UGB over the number Do you have any idea who or where the E-UGB bottle was made.

    RE: Need Help Identifying/Dating these Coke Bottles

    I know that British and Canadian vessels did call at this port during the war? Newfoundland was a dependency of the UK during the war. I know of no coke products being sold there before the war. It is a mark from Great Britain. All the characters on the base are faint.

    Who Knew My Coca-Cola Addiction Could Be So Useful: Using Coke Bottles to Date Archaeological Sites

    Because they were not allowed to put them in bottles with the "Coca-Cola" script, the bottlers developed their own "flavor bottles. Collectors can find an enormous variety in flavor bottles, and most are very inexpensive to collect. In the early s, The Coca-Cola Company sold its syrup to soda fountains, where it was mixed with carbonated water in proper proportions before serving the drink to customers. The syrup bottles were ornately etched and equipped with a metal cap for precise serving. They were staples of small soda fountains from the turn of the century well into the s.

    The bottles can be very valuable today, with the earliest in the series worth several thousand dollars or more in mint condition. Some Coca-Cola bottlers carried a line of seltzer, adding carbon dioxide to water to make it effervescent. Seltzer bottles are another popular collectible and can be worth hundreds of dollars or more, depending on their condition.

    Some are extremely decorative, with a wide range of colors, designs and etchings. Some have script logos, as opposed to block type. Others have figures or animals.

    Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles

    Town Names Until the early s, the town where the drink was bottled was embossed on the bottom of contour bottles. Many of us remember playing the "distance game" when we were younger; the person whose bottle carried the name of the most distant city was the winner.

    Many collectors are intent on getting every variant of those bottles. Veteran collector John Thom of Woodstock, Ga. His collection has grown to include some straight-sided bottles and even some Hutchinson Coca-Cola bottles. Several years ago, he came across a straight-sided bottle from the tiny town of Buena Vista, Ga. The bottle was one of several that had been dug up near Warm Springs, Ga. Finds like this add to the mystery and excitement of collecting. Today, John says he buys bottles mostly at different Coca-Cola collectible conventions, through auctions or from other collectors.