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  1. Luna Lovegood is going out with Harry Potter’s dad
  2. See, that’s what the app is perfect for.
  3. According to Luna Lovegood, here's why Luna and Neville were never a couple - HelloGiggles

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When I first started reading the Harry Potter series, I was utterly convinced that Harry and Hermione were going to start dating by the last book.

Luna Lovegood is going out with Harry Potter’s dad

It just made so much sense—both were smart and powerful magic users, plus Hermione never let Harry wallow in self-pity. He just seemed too immature for Hermione. In real life, that would be a recipe for disaster, but J. Rowling really missed out with this relationship—she could have went for the whole star-crossed lovers aspect if she had Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley start dating in the series.

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  4. It also would have been an interesting way to redeem the character of Draco, and would be a good way to force the two families to reconcile their differences. Even though there were hints that Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson were dating in the series, he ultimately wound up marrying Astoria Greengrass. After all, both were sorted into Slytherin and sneered at the idea of marrying muggleborns.

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    Draco once held this prejudice too, but it is clear that he has moved away from this kind of hateful ideology by the end of the Harry Potter series. I think if J. In Order of the Phoenix , Molly Weasley hinted that Sirius was still devastated by the death of his BFF and had not been able to properly grieve while stuck in Azkaban.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    They would have been a great match, since they were both a bit reckless, a little bit arrogant, and had the same sense of humor. Imagine how awesome it would have been if J. It also would have been cool to see Harry and Draco teaming up to destroy the Horcruxes and eventually defeat Lord Voldemort too.

    I could easily see the two of them hitting it off if they were both single. They are perfect for each other—both are dedicated to the Dark Arts, both are incredibly powerful magic users, and both are pretty damn smart too.

    According to Luna Lovegood, here's why Luna and Neville were never a couple - HelloGiggles

    They seemed like they were a cute couple, and it would have been nice if J. After all, both Dean and Ginny were obsessed with Quidditch and seemed to be more interested in sports than they were with their studies. Sure, Harry loved Quidditch and was a great Seeker, but he has always been more interested in taking down the bad guys than winning matches.