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  1. 7 Reasons Singles In Dubai Are Ditching Tinder And Bumble For This European Newcomer
  2. Tinder vs Happn: Which App Rules Dubai?

You already visited the bar with a date. It sounds easy and a lot of fun, I know.


Now here I will start to talk serious stuff. These 4 dating apps in the Middle East and particularly Dubai were a waste of time for me — yes. I uploaded beautiful and sexy pictures me doing yoga, running, reading a book, showing off my abs, you name it and catchy bios and kept updating them — I can even give lessons on creating content for dating apps.

I also decided to expand my chick geographical search span into neighboring cities and countries but still nobody was swiping for me. You will think I am a liar that it cannot be true nobody returned my swipe. I had some girls like me but I swear I know this sounds much exaggerated bullshit but my guess goes like this: Now many Arabs look down at women — that is right!

7 Reasons Singles In Dubai Are Ditching Tinder And Bumble For This European Newcomer

But they are hardly getting along with one wife to think of doubling — haha just kidding. Anyway, many girls who use any of the 4 dating apps in the Middle East and particularly Dubai, have registered many pre-thoughts and stereotyping. Pre-thoughts are understandable but you cannot generalize — not everyone is the same.

Anyway, and long story short, I decided to be more of an extrovert rather than an introvert, so I started to head more often to bars, nightclubs, cafes and alike. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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You can choose either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. Tinder Plus includes all these perks:. If your work has you travelling around the UAE, or you have multiple destinations during your trip, access to the Passport feature makes it worth investing in Tinder Plus.

My TOP 10 apps for Dubai residents and tourists in 2018.

By changing your location on Tinder, you can get dates in the works at your next destination ahead of time. The other premium membership option is Tinder Gold, which includes all the Tinder Plus features. For a full Tinder review, go here. Happn is the perfect dating app for a densely populated area like Dubai.


Tinder vs Happn: Which App Rules Dubai?

For the next 6 hours, any Happn users who wander into your meter bubble can respond to your suggestion. For more information on this popular Dubai dating app, check out this Happn review. Looking to find a more serious relationship in Dubai? But after that, no more deadline worries. The premium subscription also allows you to re-match right away with previously expired matches, instead of having to wait for them to come up again in your match queue. With so many singles in Dubai, that could take awhile.